Ray Jeacock

Ray Jeacock Artist Statement

Ray started drawing and painting when he was in primary school. He remembers often being asked to paint displays to go around classroom walls, and one particular occasion when he was asked to do a series of paintings of wild birds directly on to the classroom windows.  He says, “I liked the subject matter, and I can still recall the way light shone through the windows, illuminating the paints.  Perhaps that’s why I still enjoy wildlife subjects.”

He went on to study at Southport School of Art and  later at Liverpool John Moores University, and then took up a career in what was then known as “commercial” art.  He worked for various studios in Liverpool before setting up his own Graphic Design studio and screen printing workshop, which he ran for 20 years until 1995. “The type of work we took on was varied. You had to be a ‘jack of all trades’.

It included corporate work, exhibition displays, packaging design, illustration, posters, signs, leaflets, brochures etc etc.   It was all good fun, but getting paid was a pain! ”

He enjoyed the variety of work that came his way, and perhaps that is why he still likes to experiment with a wide range of subjects, media and techniques, rather than to specialize.

He then embarked on a career in teaching, and taught art, design and technology at secondary school level. He also taught IT at adult night school classes and Btec art and design.

In 2010 he returned to his ‘roots’, drawing and painting. He now does this full time, from his studio in Graianrhyd, Denbighshire, which he fits in around ‘doing the garden’, ‘doing the house’ and doing all sorts of other jobs his wife arranges for him! He admits to being influenced by movie poster art, the ‘pop art movement’ of the 1960′s and likes to introduce a ‘dramatic’ element into his work, which can be seen in some of his large scale paintings.

Ray accepts commissions for work at very reasonable prices, for more information please phone or email.

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